29 June 2017
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Corporate Membership.


 Now you can pay for membership securely online using






Membership fees are annual with renewal on the anniversary of the original date of joining.

Immediately we have received payment we will forward our membership pack with details of your various website passwords and access to the members CCTV discussion forum.

Our whole reason for existence is that we are an 'End Users' organisation, and it is in everyones interest to maximise this Membership base and keep their membership fees to a minimum, hence we have different rates for them and 'Service Companies'.

Service Companies are those that are not directly responsible for the day to day management and operation of a CCTV system but provide services to those managers, typically suppliers, installers and manufacturers.

Training Companies and 'Independent Consultants' are in our view classified as 'End Users' as the benefits they receive from membership are directly passed on to their customers, the 'End Users'.

We are proud that in the 20 years since we were formed we have only raised membership fees once, the exceptional rate of growth of the membership helping to fund increased costs.

Membership fees are for the 12 months of the date of payment, there is no refund if you cancell within the 12 months membership when it is beyond our our control.

So why not click on the relevant button below and join our Group?

Annual Membership Fees - Please note VAT is added to all subscriptions

Corporate Membership fees for an 'End User' Organisation in the UK                           


Corporate Membership fees for an 'End User' Organisation Internationally                  


 Corporate Membership for Training Companies and 'Independent' Consultants 


 Corporate Membership for Suppliers, Installers and Manufacturers with 15 or less employees  


Corporate Membership for Suppliers, Installers and Manufacturers with 16 or more employees  



























































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