29 May 2017
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Welcome to CCTV in the News

Here you should find issues which Newspapers and TV have covered and where appropriate links to the responses by others including of course The CCTV User Group reaction.

Starting 2010 we have a very controversial report by 'Big Brother Watch' full of inaccuracies and the usual pejorative statements. Just click on the links below to see the reports and responses.

''Big Brother is Watching'

The first response was from Tom Reeve the editor of our magazine CCTV Image in his blog on the magazine website

CCTVImage blog

This was followed by an excellant response from Pauline Norstrom of the BSIA who makes some interesting comments about the inherent balance in the original report

Pauline Norstrom Response

And the CCTV User Group view, well we took a lot of time in deeply analysing all the figures in the report comparing them with our database of  Local Authorities Public Space CCTV Surveillance Systems, and found the survey was flawed right from the start and in total overestimated, by double accounting and other inaccuracies, the number of cameras by about 50%.

For the User Group response click on the menu link

• (129) By Peter Fry, 21 Jan 2010, 17:37

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