29 May 2017
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CCTV stories in the News

Unfortunately, all to often, we see in the media the opinions of individuals 'with axes to grind' , or the thoughts of the 'doubting Thomas's or Thomasina's' querying the value and /or effectiveness pf Public Space CCTV Surveillance often with an apparent total lack of knowledge, or direct experience of the operation of CCTV

In this page we try and redress this imbalance with articles from newspapers which give some inkling as to what CCTV can, and does achieve day in, and day out, in the hundreds of CCTV Control rooms throughout the UK. Some of the articles below refer to 'private' rather than public systems but they do illustrate the power and benefit of CCTV.

It is unfortunate that so few of the hundreds of thousands of incidents captured on the CCTV systems are highlighted in the news, except in those high profile incidents in the National or local news.

The basic facts are until there is a prosecution, the CCTV footage is seized as evidence, and even the control room staff themselves might not know how useful the footage they supplied was in any prosecution, and it is more than likely they never hear the courts decisions on guilt or innocence unless like many of the reports below it is featured in the press.

We hope you find this collection of links useful or interesting and my thanks go to Ilker at Comfort Zone for all his research. We only started this in the New Year but will be updating it regularly
















 Shop CCTV snares thug attacker - This is Nottingham.co.uk - 23rd february 2010

Police Identify Murder suspect from bank CCTV - The Irish Times - 20th February 2010

  Glasgow rolls out 400 cameras as trial shows it prevented 700 crimes amounting to savings of £500,000 - Bapco Journal - 20th February 2010

 Attacker caught on CCTV bottling Victim – South Wales Argus – 13th February 2010


 CCTV Identified City Centre Rapist Jailed - BBC News - 10th February 2010

CCTV helps Police make 586 arrests in Sedgemoor last year - Somerset News - 2nd February 2010


Criminals Cash pays for 250 CCTV cameras - Northants Evening Telegraph - 2nd February 2010 


Police arrest man after CCTV shows him kicking in shop window - Hampshire Chronicle - 2nd February 2010

Shoplifting down by 30% after CCTV Monitoring introduced - Fylde Borough Council - 2nd February 2010


At the end of January 2010Fife Police , Team 1, Cupar were 0600 to 1500 tour of duty. About 0635 hours same date a call was received that an unidentified female had been found lying in the street at Campbell Crescent, Cupar, conscious but unable to speak.

Units attended and found the woman soaked through and incoherent. They were unable to ascertain an identity for the female, who when examined by ambulance was found to be seriously ill with suspected hypothermia. It was unknown at the time what had taken place or whether a crime had occurred.
The CCTV Operator on duty at the camera unit at HQ heard the call and subsequent messages from the Cupar units and on her own initiative carried out a review of the area of of a Nightclub for a period prior to closing time earlier that morning and identified a woman, fitting the description of the female subject, who appeared under the influence of alcohol and who got into a taxi at about 0135 hours. She was able to identify the taxi company and from this information enquiries quickly established the identity of the taxi driver and shortly thereafter the identity of the woman, who it was found suffered from thyroid and diabetes problems and was seriously ill with hypothermia and given a fifty/fifty chance of survival by Ninewells Hospital. This information was communicated to Ninewells Hospital where she was successfully treated and later made a full recovery. Her husband, who believed she was staying with a friend, was informed and was thus able to attend at the hospital to be with his wife.
By her assistance and initiative the CCTV Operator was instrumental in identifying the woman quickly, and thereby allowing us to swiftly communicate medical information to the hospital, and identify family members to attend. These actions also identified that a crime had not in fact occurred allowing us to quickly stand down locus protection and freed up police resources to other duties.
The officers on Team 1, North East Fife, appreciated the assistance they received from the camera unit on this occasion, and indeed team 1 officers have expressed their appreciation of the work done on their behalf, on numerous occasions, by the Romeo Victor unit, over the past twenty months that I have been stationed at Cupar.

 Exeter CCTV Crucial in tracking Suspected Burglars - This is Exeter - 28th January 2010


  11 arrested after CCTV image appeal by Police - BBC.co.uk - 28th January 2010 


 Arrests after Manchester derby violence images issued - BBC.co.uk - 26th January 2010

Sex Fiend Kidnap is captured on CCTV - The Sun - 25th January 2010


 Man Jailed after CCTV recorded assault on man with a golf club (Video Clip) - Bournemouth Echo - 23rd January 2010


 From Australia - CCTV Protecting Road Workers from abuse - The Queensland Times - 23rd January 2010


Attack on taxi driver recorded on CCTV - WorcesterNews.co.uk  - 23rd January 2010


Refuse man caught on CCTV destroying bin - Surrey News - 18th January 2010


 44 months jail for night club sex attacker recorded on CCTV - BBC News - 14th Jauary 2010


 8 months in jail for passenger in racist attack on taxi driver recorded on CCTV Nottingham.co.uk - 15th January 2010


OAP's CCTV records burglar now facing long jail sentance Local West Yorkshire News 9th January 2010


Acid attack on woman caught on CCTV - both attackers jailed - Pugal.com 9th January 2010


Family's CCTV logs evict yobs - The Sun - 8th January 2010


 CCTV helps in 15 arrests in a week - Barry and District News - 8th January


CCTV footage of Bus Driver attack - GetBracknell.co.uk - 18th December 2009


CCTV in Boston helps with 709 arrests in 12 months - Boston Standard - 2nd December 2009







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