29 May 2017
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CCTV User Group Membership Growth

One of the questions we are often asked is "What is your membership?"

It has been difficult to answer as the pre-dominant membership is 'organisational' rather than individual people and each organisation might have many individuals that we regularly deal with and give access to our facilities (in one case we are regularly in contact with a dozen people in one organisation).

It is also difficult to appreciate the influence as many of our members are responsible for several different systems, in different towns and for different authorities. One organisation alone looks after 30+ separate Town Centre Systems, another is responsible for a similar number of major shopping facilities, some of the Police Forces manage all the CCTV systems in their areas and many commercial members are responsible for security on hundreds of sites. One member organisation is currently responsible for the largest public area surveillance system involving 6,000 cameras.

We are also pleased that most of the foremost CCTV Consultants in the UK who deal with a wide variety of customers each year are members and regularly support our conferences,

However as at September 2003 the graph of membership growth since the group was formed in September 1996 shows current membership is now over 200 organisations and we are currently providing services to well over 400 individuals in those organisations.

This includes approaching 150 of the Local Authorities that operate Public Area CCTV Systems and we have representation in most of the Police Forces within the UK.

We are also pleased to see increasing numbers from the Universities, Hospitals, Health Trusts, Housing Associations and Passenger Transport Executives joining and offer a very warm welcome to any user of CCTV who shares our ideals of continually seeking 'Best Value' from CCTV.

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