29 May 2017
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What are the membership categories and what does it cost?

Classification of Members

CCTV Users

Members within this classification,  will primarily be those responsible for the acquisition, management and operation of CCTV systems. Corporate Membership allows for up to half a dozen employees of the organisation each to receive the full benefits of membership

Typical organisations represented within the classification will be Local Authorities, Police Forces, Shopping and Commercial operators of CCTV equipment, Universities, Health Trusts, transport organisations, ports and airports and Hosing Associations etc.

These Members will forever form the core membership of the User Group, hold the majority of seats (Two Thirds ) within the Standards Committee and hold the principal responsibility for the development of policy and standards.

Within the 'Users' Category we also include Consultants and Training Companies as they share the expertise they gain through membership with their clients, the end users.

Full corporate membership is currently at the rate of £275 per annum plus VAT and whilst due to growth of the User Group fees have only risen by 10% in the last decade they may be increased occasionally in line with inflation.

Companies involved in the provision of CCTV Services

Members within this classification, will be representatives of , Security companies which provide trained operators for the monitoring of CCTV, and CCTV equipment suppliers, installers and manufacturers etc.

Corporate members within this category are entitled to signify their membership of the CCTV User Group on their letter headings and advertisements, by use of the User Group logo (without any indication that they are in any manner approved or recommended suppliers), to attend and exhibit at conferences at a reduced rate (subject to availability), to be included on the User Groups lists circulated to Members of those involved in the provision of such services, and to have any web site they might operate linked to the Users group Website.

Sercice Companies pay a slightly higher rate for membership, as it is in their interests to maximise the number of end user members. The fees also reflect the size of the company and are based on number of employees.

Companies with less than 15 employees - £300 plus VAT per year

Companies with greater than 15 employees - £350 plus VAT per year

More Information about the Group - Download our online brochure and application form - Click Here

Application Form

An online membership application form is available or you can request an application form by email from peter@cctvusergroup.com.

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