29 May 2017
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Information on CCTV

Security monitoring of premises or other locations and the monitoring of people movement by the use of CCTV can provides an aid to the security and safety enjoyed by those who visit your area.

Combined with other access-control or security measures, CCTV can be a formidable tool in the fight against crime. But the effectiveness of any CCTV system will be diminished unless the cameras are monitored, quality pictures recorded and a documented means of audit and integrity is established at the outset.

All CCTV images have the potential to be used as evidence at some point during their life-span; particularly if your system is installed to assist with the prevention and detection of crime.

This leaflet seeks to provide basic guidance on best-practice in relation to gathering and presenting CCTV images, particularly as evidence for use in the criminal justice system.

  • For more information, download this .doc format document here.

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