29 June 2017
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User Group Support to the Development of CCTV in Other Countries

Whilst the CCTV User Group is predominantly a UK organisation comprising CCTV managers, operators and specialists in the management and operation of CCTV in the UK it does also have members in

  • Gibraltar
  • South Africa
  • United States of America
  • Israel

We are also always willing to assist any representatives of other countries or the press and media from abroad in "Fact Finding" visits to the UK whereby with our unique network of contacts we can arrange visits to some of the most effective and well managed systems throughout the UK, for it should be appreciated that no two systems are the same with each having differences in aims and objectives, and operational approach depending upon the operating organisation (Police, Inner City Authority, Shire District Councils, Retail Environment, Hospitals, Universities) the area type of area covered and even the personal psychology and interests of the manager.

We believe there is a considerable amount other countries could learn (both good and bad) from the experiences of the development and introduction of Public Area CCTV in the UK which would help them avoid some of the mistakes which have occurred in the UK and avoid them reinventing the wheel.

In the past we have been pleased to assist with visits from and our aim has always been to give visitors the widest possible experience of the operation of CCTV in the UK, to enable them to determine the approach most appropriate to their circumstances.

  • Jeff Rosen of the New York Times Magazine for his article of the 10th October 2001 (however we must state we disagreed virtually totally with what he ultimately wrote about his visit which appeared to us based on comments from many of those he had also spoken to, to be a total travesty of all that we were aware he had seen, and in our view unacceptable 'Journalist licence' was used to concentrate on anecdotal stories he had apparently heard from others.)
  • Dr Susan Brinkley (Chair of Criminology from the University of Tampa Florida) and Steve Gustat Who had federal funding to investigate the development and effectiveness of CCTV in the UK and USA
  • Richard Stana and Linda Watson of the US General Accounting Office Who as advisors to Congress had been tasked with a study of the use of CCTV by law enforcement in public places in the USA and to enquire about the use of CCTV in international cities such as London.

In addition we are frequently contacted by representatives of Governments throughout the world for advice or information which has included

  • The Privacy Commissioner of Canada
  • The High Commission of Barbados
  • The Royal Canadian Police Force
  • The Police Force of Singapore

and many magazine publishers, radio and TV stations from around the world for help with their articles in particular a recent approach from

ARTE - a French German TV company who asked for our help in preparing a 26 minute documentary for CCTV in the UK. After nearly 26 hours of filming over 3 days at various sites around the UK we will be interested to see their completed programme.

We have also been asked to supply many articles and assistance for international publications on the use of CCTV the most recent being

  • International Airports Review
  • Security Products and Technology News (SP&T NEWS) a Canadian magazine covering security issues
  • World Markets Business Briefing Global Info Security
  • Railway Strategies
  • CCTV Today

We are always pleased to assist as far as possible anyone with an interest in CCTV at home or abroad contact us at Peter@cctvusergroup.com

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