29 May 2017
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Standards Advisory Board Mission Statement

Thoughts from the Standards Advisory Board Chairman



“Leading, Working, Delivering for CCTV Users”


To maintain our position as the leading professional body representing the Users of Closed Circuit Television technology across all sectors and continually enhance our service to them and others


  • To remain an independent, membership-driven organisation for all users of CCTV which is open, accessible and free from any commercial influence
  • To provide assessed, accurate and credible information, guidance, standards and advice to our members to ensure effective development, implementation and use of CCTV technology.
  • To use ICT methods effectively to communicate our aims and provide accessibility to our members.
  • To actively work with other agencies, public bodies and partners on CCTV issues on behalf of our members and other users to ensure the responsible use of CCTV.
  • To provide members with the opportunity to share best-practice and acquire topical information through seminars, networking, discussion forums magazines and conferencing.
  • To encourage and support the role of Regional CCTV User Groups to ensure recognition and the benefit of their local work is made widely available.
  • To promote through all media and opportunities available, CCTV best-practice and the profile of the CCTV User Group on a national and international basis.

To achieve these aims we use collective and representative expertise available from all members in a productive manner for the benefit of the whole CCTV User Group and those wishing to share our aims of achieving ‘Best Value’ in the management and operation of CCTV Systems.

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