29 May 2017
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Exploding the CCTV Myths

In this section we look at various myths regaring Public Area CCTV cameras developed over the years, from inappropriate surveys which all too often were continually repeated in the media until they became 'Fact'. More recent and authoritative assessments have been carried out which now explode these Myths. Typical Topics are:-

Synectics Opinion Survey

A public opinion survey conducted in 2012 by Synectics re-inforcing our own survey illustrating Public Support for Public Area CCTV Surveillance

The Cost to the Public of Public Area CCTV?

Many comments are made about the cost of Public Area CCTV, and at first hand it does look a target for cuts. BUT have you considered how little it does cost each member of the population per year and what it achieves for that minute sum?

How Cost Effective is Public Area CCTV?

In this section we consider the comparative costs of running Public Area CCTV systems with other means of obtaining evidence

August 2011 Riots - The Effectiveness of CCTV

Public Area CCTV and its critical role in Policing the August 2011 Riots

Public Support for CCTV

All too often we hear of 'The Surveillance State' and uproar in the media about the invasion of privacy by Public Area CCTV Cameras. But what do the Public really think? An Independent Public Opinion Poll shows the vast majority do not agree!

The Number of Public Area CCTV Cameras

An overview of three surveys into the number of Public Area CCTV Cameras in the UK


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