29 May 2017
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Why join us?

Why do we want YOU to join the CCTV User Group?


Because the more members we have like you, the stronger we are as an organisation and more capable we are to support our total membership by representing the views of the users in all forums. You can contribute to the organisation with your personal experience as a user of CCTV, enhancing our service to members who have questions and queries about the technical or managerial aspects of CCTV systems, or where ever you have developed your own expertise.

You are a welcome addition to the growing list of members even if you choose to limit your activity to gleaning what is relevant to your individual requirements, you are still an integral part of the organisation who strongly believes in the responsible and effective management of CCTV systems.

Your membership supports our commitment to developing and promulgating ‘Best Practice’ which in turn, can promote confidence of the communities served by the CCTV setup. We want you to become a member so that our ever-increasing numbers broaden the scope of our divergent services, you would be able to access those services and we trust that you would value the latest news and information made available to you.

From your point of view we do not believe you can afford not to be a member as we provide a unique and unrivalled source of Best Practice on the use of CCTV in the UK.

Policies, procedures and guidelines are constantly monitored and updated accordingly and you would have this information firsthand to implement into your own system, this saves you time and effort in trying to trace the most recently significant information.

The conference we hold once  a year are an opportunity for you to meet other members, gain knowledge of current issues for the CCTV users, and to participate (through choice) in one of the share fairs which will be an exciting exchange of views, attitudes and even challenges encountered by our members groups. Your suggestions for specific subject matter or a particular speaker for future conferences will be welcomed, and although we can make no promises, we can assure you that your input will be greatly appreciated.

If you are unable to attend, we strive to distribute as much information as we can via a news letter that will be sent to you as soon as is feasible. Your membership will entitle you to a substantial discount at all of our conferences in the hope that you will take advantage of the amenities made available to you, and we even offer a special rate should you wish to bring your partner for a joint experience. As a member you will receive a copy of our magazine ‘CCTVImage’ six times a year and the conferences will be featured with photographs and articles, so in any event you will be included in the conference experience. The magazine includes articles written by and about CCTV users, so if you have something you would like to submit I trust you will do so.

Choosing membership with the CCTV User Group Ltd will link you to other professionals in the CCTV industry who have a commitment to the provision of ‘Best Value’ and we firmly believe that your membership strengthens our voice.

So why not have a look at our brochure and fill in our application form - Clickhere


PLEASE NOTE Membership Subscriptions are for a FULL YEAR and no reimbursement will be made for part of a year.

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