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Another great article on the SCC's web pages

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Driving Ethics Forward: The Importance of Considering the Ethics of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) written by Dr Rachel Adams, an Early Career Researcher with the Information Law and Policy Centre, Institute for Advanced Legal Studies, University of London and a member of the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition Independent Advisory Group (ANPR IAG).

"There are a number of ethical issues that potentially arise from geo-surveillance technologies that involve the collection, processing and storage of large volumes of personal data in national databases, such as the National ANPR Service (NAS). Geo-surveillance can be understood as ‘the tracking of location and movement of people, vehicles, goods and services and the monitoring of interactions across space’. Such systems raise ethical concerns, including interference with group and individual privacy, or if used by the military. These concerns align with broader societal fears about hyper-efficient technologies and fully embedded ubiquitous surveillance systems."

We would urge you to read the complete article here:

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