Our Journey

Aims & Objectives

Training and accreditation

Promote the need for the professional training of CCTV Managers and Operators and to encourage the development of appropriate training content and accreditations

Encourage best practice & compliance

Encourage ‘best practice’ amongst all those involved in the planning, installation, implementation or management and operation of public space CCTV systems

Publicly Accountable

Discourage the use of public space CCTV surveillance by any groups or organisations which are not publicly accountable, or which are not fully documented and compliant with the SCC Code of Practice

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Why was the CCTV User Group created?

The CCTV User Group was formed in 1996 at a time when the use of public area CCTV surveillance systems was growing rapidly in the UK with the availability of new Home Office funding via the Governments’ CCTV Challenge Competitions. At the same time, there was a lack of experience available to advise managers as to how these CCTV systems should be set up, operated & managed.


It was also recognised that whilst CCTV equipment manufacturers, consultants, suppliers and installers each had their own Trade or Member Associations, no one represented or directly provided advice & assistance to the Managers and Operators of CCTV systems. The ‘CCTV User Group’ was formed to fill this need and to represent the professional managers & operators. In doing so we reflect their needs not only at every level of central Government but also with companies involved in the provision of CCTV equipment and services.


The term ‘best practice’ is occasionally misunderstood as some believe that ‘best’ practice is subjective and what may be considered to be the best today will almost certainly be outdated tomorrow.  The CCTV User Group recognises that continuous improvement should be welcomed & encouraged, and is always keen to be part of developing new approaches. Where these appear beneficial, the CCTV User Group will seek to ensure that all Members are made aware of them. In the context of the management and operation of CCTV systems, the term ‘Best Practice’ is used solely to recognise those systems and procedures which fully comply with all legal and procedural requirements and will provide compliant evidential quality images.


Our Aims and Objectives are complementary to the Government's approach to ‘Best Value’ and our Members are at the forefront of strategies to identify all the factors which affect the value & effectiveness of CCTV systems and to work to develop appropriate measurements of their performance.


In this context, technological development is also critical and those Member companies contribute greatly to inform  CCTV User Group Members of technological advances and how best to maximise their use.

 The original CCTV Code of Practice which is used across the UK was developed by the early pioneers of the CCTV User Group in search of compliance, regulations, image quality standards and the protection of privacy of the individual.

Aims & Objectives

Universal Standards together with cost effective & efficient operations

Encourage the introduction of universal standards for the implementation & use of CCTV and to promote the effective & efficient operation and management of CCTV systems together with the aspiration of complete compliance

To provide help and assistance

Provide help & assistance, professional advice and the opportunity for networking to those involved in the development, management and operation of public space CCTV systems (which may soon include all State-funded CCTV systems such as highways, education and health)

Discourage unnecessary proliferation of CCTV

To discourage the unnecessary or inappropriate proliferation of CCTV in public places that are proposed without justification by an ‘Operational  Requirement’ and supported by appropriate & compliant documentation & after consulting the public

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