'VISION 2022'

The National Public Space CCTV

Security Conference & Exhibition

Why Exhibit?

'Research suggests that 82% of our Conference & Exhibition attendees have purchasing influence. If you can attract the attention of a handful of these visitors, or even just one, then you can build long-lasting, more personal relationships which may have a significant impact on your business.'

This is where we excel over others in this space.  


See exhibitor & delegate interaction (short video) from our 'Into the Grey Space' event in May 2019 below

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 Exhibitions provide a fantastic opportunity to make a name for yourself and your brand.

Exhibitions are highly competitive as every exhibitor is competing for the attention of the same audience. 

CCTV User Group Conference 2019


As an exhibitor, you have a unique opportunity to meet & influence decision makers, system specifiers and buyers such as CCTV Managers and system operators and Community Safety practitioners from Local Government, delegates are from Police, transport, education and private sector organisations from the UK and potentially overseas. many are seeking solutions that you have on offer.


Whilst digital is important, face to face is still the best interaction you can have with your prospective customers. We are supported by leading figures across government and industry; they trust us to deliver an annual conference event like no other. Attending again this year will be the Home Office, ICO, and NPCC together with university academics and other specialists and, just like the delegates, they all get to see you (and your brand) at your best. And you get extended face time with them too.

CCTV User Group Conference 2019
CCTV User Group Conference 2019


At this year's event, only one exhibitor stand option includes the facilitation of a 40-minute delegate workshop session; a wonderful opportunity to show leadership to your existing or prospective customers. You'll have the chance to discuss your products or services directly with a cohort of fully engaged delegates. This opportunity is currently unique to our conference in the UK (but will likely catch on fast)! We can provide you with the opportunity to engage and interact with your target audience like no other event. You will likely develop valuable relationships with new business connections and you will learn so much about your competitors and your industry.


None of our delegates simply walk in off the street. All of our delegates are funding their attendance giving you the chance to meet with those who are really keen to be there; to learn and are curious about your products. They hold key roles; some of whom have the highest level of responsibility for operational decisions in CCTV system design & specification,  hardware, software and operations/ services. Many are from local authorities, civil protection, housing, police, Community Safety, NHS, property and education.

CCTV User Group Conference 2019
CCTV User Group Conference 2019
CCTV User Group Conference 2019

Get ahead of your competition! With extended rest and lunch breaks, there is ample opportunity for you to network over one and a half days and two evenings. This is quality time to engage with delegates who are keen to see your products and to hear what you have to say. At the Welcome networking event, we raise the tempo as we highlight your stand and hold 'hot-mike' quick-fire introductions during our Monday evening welcome networking event (as shown in the video above).

When you exhibit at our event you will have the opportunity
to meet new people, make new business contacts and are likely to meet other industry professionals who have a wealth of knowledge & experience.

Their comments, feedback and opinions may hold the key to your future success!