We are the voice of 

Public Space Surveillance (CCTV)

in the UK


The CCTV User Group is the voice of professional Public Space Surveillance (PSS or CCTV) across the UK, supporting and encouraging excellence across our membership; educating the industry on the value of compliant and professional PSS and creating an environment in which our members can flourish.
Our membership spans the UK CCTV industry from local government to police and from housing providers to corporate property and facilities management and universities. From the industry, we have training providers, hardware and software manufacturers & developers, security consultants, system designers and integrators.
CCTV User Group Membership is the emblem of ethical CCTV operations and professionalism in the UK security industry.

Here to help and support

The CCTV User Group was formed in the mid-1990s to support CCTV Managers to create policy & procedures to manage the use of this emerging new form of evidence.
The original CCTV Code of Practice was developed by Members of the CCTV User Group by those early practitioners of this technology in the search of compliance, regulation, image quality standards and the protection of the privacy of the UK public.

We focus on promoting an ethical, proportionate and lawful approach to monitoring
public spaces using CCTV cameras.

To this day, the group is led by operational CCTV professionals for the benefit of all UK CCTV system managers regardless of how experienced or knowledgeable they may be.  If you need support managing any aspects of your CCTV services, we will be able to guide you in an informative, supportive and non-judgemental way. We realise that all of us have to learn and develop the skills required. Contact us to find out how we can support you. 

Promoting Voluntary Adoption of the

Surveillance Camera Commissioners

Code of Practice

The CCTV User Group & NASCAM are committed to supporting those organisations that are keen to be voluntary adopters of the Surveillance Camera Commissioner's Surveillance Camera Code of Practice.  As an active and key contributor to the work of the BSCC, we are keen to work with multiple organisations to support this strategy. If you interested to know more, please contact us using the 'Contact Us' form in the footer below.

Our Values













What We Do

Working at the highest level

We assist with the creation of CCTV policy, procedures & standards. Providing up-to-date information and guidance from the Information Commissioners' Office (ICO), Surveillance Camera Commissioner (SCC) and key industry partner news, products and comment to our Members. 


Representing the interests of our Members, supporting & promoting the use of CCTV in the most compliant & ethical manner possible.

Membership Management

Providing CCTV User Group & National Association of Surveillance Camera Managers (NASCAM) Membership management.  Enabling Member access to sample template policies, compliance documents, draft procedures and surveillance standards. Supporting Member regional groups for professional learning, high-quality training & support and always promoting compliance.

In the near future, bringing discounted services to Members.

Connected with the best

Many of the UK's leading CCTV industry titans are Members of the CCTV User Group. Through them, we provide updates on the latest innovations & technology. Our national conference events and our future planned regional seminars provide them with corporate & business opportunities to engage with professional users so that they can understand their operational needs & challenges across the UK.

Working together 

We will exchange professional knowledge and best practice to help broaden compliance & increase the adoption of standards towards demonstrable ethical surveillance. To welcome & promote an academic environment to assist research into the effectiveness of CCTV and to influence positive public perceptions of it. And lastly, to participate in the creation & development of innovations.

Always learning, listening and sharing

To work closely with our training partner Members to support the delivery of the best training in the field. To provide access to CPD (Continuing Professional Development) at regional and national seminars & conferences so that our Members can demonstrate they are the best at what they do.

Membership has benefits

Members have access to the best resources, help & advice. 


Delivering the highest quality conference & webinar events and representing our Members at regional and national levels to provide support in every aspect of their work. We are keen to hear from associated groups & users of CCTV to broaden the adoption of all aspects of compliance & respect for privacy.


Sectors We Support