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"I am a part-time volunteer director of a company that runs a private road in London.  The Directors are all volunteers and residents of the road and not in any way experts in CCTV installation and operation.  When it was decided by the residents to install CCTV in the street, we were advised by the company we chose to join the CCTV User Group.  What an excellent piece of advice that turned out to be.   We have called on them numerous times to help us with advice on compliance and technical issues as well as the day to day processes we will need when the system is fully up and running.  they are knowledgeable, responsive,  explain things in clear language and are always a pleasure to deal with.


I recommend that anyone who is running a CCTV system or about to install one to consider joining the CCTV User Group so that they too have access to this wealth of information and advice."


Aberdeen Park Management Company Ltd, North London


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Guidance and Professional Advice

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We provide advice and guidance in the form of access to our website together with sample policy & procedures documents to assist you to become fully compliant & effective operators of surveillance systems.  We are engaged with the Surveillance Camera Commissioner (SCC) as a member of the Advisory Council assisting to deliver on strategic commitments through the development of CCTV Standards. As part of this effort, we consult with Members on draft documents to assist with the  further development of CCTV compliance within the UK.


Our business Member network will help you to specify, design, purchase and install CCTV systems using the finest products and advice available anywhere.

Networking & Resources

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Our Members tell us that being part of a group of like-minded professionals helps them greatly in their day to day challenges. By bringing Members together both online through our new website and through our national conference, where we discuss the gritty issues.


We bring together the key UK surveillance system managers from the most high-profile areas including the capital and from across all regions. Our annual conference showcases keynote presentations from the SCC, ICO and Cyber specialists together with unrivalled networking opportunities. Our resources have been the envy of the world for many years and the UK leadership is a clear advocate of the protection of the privacy of individuals and surveillance by consent.​


Members have access to download draft documents which they can then customise for their own CCTV systems and we link newcomers to experienced Members to assist them.

Training and Consulting

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We are supported by some of the finest surveillance training providers in the UK and with links to their International offices and therefore we are able to support Members from across the globe.  


Add to this our links to accreditation bodies, the development of new CCTV standards & technology innovators, we have access to some of the most professional expert consultants and service provider/manufacturing Members available anywhere.

We are proud to be a Member of the UK Security Commonwealth.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

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Can I become a Member of the CCTV User Group?

CCTV User Group / NASCAM are membership orgainsations funded through annual subscription fees. Members are able to display the CCTV User Group and NASCAM logos on their websites if they wish. Membership of the CCTV User Group is reserved for CCTV and Public/ Community Safety professionals from any local authority, Police or government agency (together with agencies such as British Transport Police, City of London Police, BTP, TfL, Network Rail etc.) together with any organisation that either provides products or services to, or manufactures products for, the CCTV industry. This of course includes CCTV camera and associated equipment manufacturers, distributors, networking equipment, computers and servers, software developers, the finest trainers, installers, integrators, maintainers & system design consultants. If you would like to become a Member, please use our Membership Enquiry page (on our website under the Members tab) and complete an enquiry form stating why you believe you qualify.

How much does Membership of the CCTV User Group cost?

Membership of the CCTV User Group are shown (ex-VAT) below.

How do I become a Member of NASCAM & what does it cost?

NASCAM is a membership organisation and has been created in support of the Surveillance Camera Commissioners strategy to broaden the guidance to those seeking voluntary adoption of the Surveillance Camera Commissioner's Code of Practice. The annual cost of membership is dependant on the size of the organisation but starts at £275 + VAT per annum for LA and Police members. Any business wishing to join can do so for the same annual fee as the CCTV User Group which is £500 + VAT. Scroll to the bottom of the page to join now. Members of NASCAM are permitted to display the NASCAM logo on their website where appropriate. Please contact us for more details.

What's the difference between the CCTV User Group and NASCAM

Membership of the CCTV User Group is reserved for CCTV and Public Safety professionals from any local authority (LA), police or government agency (together with agencies such as British Transport Police, City of London Police, TfL, Network Rail etc.) together with any orgaisiation that either provides products or services to, or manufactures prodcuts for, the CCTV industry. NASCAM has been developed to be able to advise anyone wishing to further their knowledge and understanding of CCTV within the UK. This includes all the sectors shown on the website on our About Us page (scroll down to see the Sectors We Support)

What business sectors do you support people to understand CCTV?

Historically, the CCTV User Group has supported local government and law enforcement users of CCTV however, with the introduction of the Surveillance Camera Commissioner's Code of Practice we now need to support a larger group of users to operate surveillance in a compliant manner. The possible CCTV support sectors are: 1. Public space and the night-time economy (pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants etc.) 2. Public health, clinics, beauticians, spa's, dentists etc. 3. Traffic & highways monitoring and enforcement 4. Utilities (gas, water, electricity, cable and telecoms providers) 4. Bed & breakfast, hotels, resorts 5. Commercial landlords, housing assciations and commercial trading estate managers 6. Car parking & parking enforcement (Body Worn Video - BWV) 7. National landmarks and Critical National Infrastructure 8. Sports centers, football grounds, leisure centres, gyms etc.

We are a business interested in joining, how do we do that?

Great! We welcome any organisations who are in the CCTV business regardless of what part they play. Business membership fees are shown (ex-VAT) below. We believe that there is always space for new members and entry to NASCAM is not restricted in any way. Please visit our Membership pages and select the 'Join Us Now' sub-menu

You require asistance to become a Voluntary Adopter of the SCC Code of Practice?

Great news, how can we help? It is our mission to support as many organisations as possible to voluntarily adopt the Surveillance Camera Commissioner's CCTV Camera Code of Practice. We also believe that before long, many more sectors who use government funding to install & operate CCTV systems will be legally required to become fully compliant particularly in the light of recent data breaches, the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal and rising demands from the public for greater protection of their privacy.