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The Voice of UK Public Space Surveillance 

Leading, Developing, Advancing

A highly experienced and professional UK-based national Membership organisation for all public space surveillance CCTV Managers, Supervisors & Operators together with Community Safety professionals 

Working for all our Members

By becoming a Member you will be joining hundreds of CCTV professionals who are highly experienced in their profession. You will benefit from updates, views and events to grow your understanding 

Advice & Guidance

Providing advice and guidance that is relevant and available to all Members - including to UK local government, business and domestic surveillance users


We are able to assist those who are new to the world of CCTV so that they can operate to the highest standards. As a business, we can assist you in the UK CCTV marketplace

Influencing & Shaping

Influencing & shaping the UK CCTV discussion, the development of new standards, policies & procedures. We work with others to develop standards, policies and advanced guidance


Join the CCTV User Group today and we will help you with everything you need to operate your CCTV in a compliant, professional & ethical manner

If you’d like more information about our Membership, get in touch today.


Our Newest Business Partner

ITS is a leading provider of full-fibre infrastructure, specialising in advanced Infratech solutions tailored for the UK's public and private sectors. Our portfolio is crafted to meet specific organisational needs, from product functionality to superior service standards.

Recognised as one of the UK's fastest-growing companies, ITS boasts the most extensive fibre footprint outside traditional industry giants, underpinning the digital framework supporting public sector objectives.

Our strategically designed networks empower public sector organisations, stimulate economic growth, support the development of future-proof smart cities, and help bridge the digital divide. With a legacy in the Public Sector, ITS serves critical areas, including local government, education, and health services, with specialised expertise.

As a founding Cooperative Network Infrastructure (CNI) member and a trusted entity on multiple procurement frameworks, ITS grants local authorities access to leading connectivity solutions. These frameworks, including NS3, Bexley, RM6095, JISC, and YPO Network Connectivity and Telecommunication Solutions (976 Lot 1 and Lot 3), position ITS as a reliable partner, reinforcing our commitment to collaborative progress within the public sector.

Spanning over 70 full fibre networks across UK towns and cities, ITS supports essential services such as multifunctional CCTV systems, supplemented by robust mobile backhaul and front-haul capabilities.

Our networks deliver the necessary capacity and speed for enhanced public service efficiency, secure connectivity, and bandwidth-intensive applications. Additionally, our infrastructure is poised to support emerging technologies, including Internet of Things (IoT) devices, artificial intelligence (AI) applications, and smart city innovations.

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Our 2023 UK Security Sector Reach

We are immensely proud to have so many amazing organisations and professionals working with, following and supporting us. They come from all sectors of the security industry, local government, education, housing, police, CCTV manufacturing, systems integrators/installation and software developers

 (April 2023 -March 2024)

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Our Global Audience






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Are You Compliant?

Don't Risk Your CCTV Evidence Being Challenged or Discredited In Court


Protection of Freedoms Act

If you're a Local Authority or police service and operating public space CCTV, you have a lawful duty to comply with the Protection of Freedoms Act (PoFA) 2012.


Savvy Defence Counsel

Did you know, if you provide CCTV evidence to police for prosecutions in Court, a savvy defence counsel could ask to have that evidence disregarded because those that captured the evidence don't comply with the 'Protection of Freedoms Act 2012' ? 



It's a fact that almost half of the UK's public space CCTV services that are required to be compliant with PoFA 2012 are currently not fully compliant with the legislation.


The Right Thing To Do

We are the most highly respected, experienced and knowledgeable CCTV group in the UK. If you are a 'Relevant Authority' we can support you to become a fully compliant operator of CCTV; not only is it a legal requirement,  it's the right thing to do!

Additional Areas To Explore

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Conference 2024

RELENTLESS - A Focus on the Future 2024
At this event, we will showcase:​

  • Developing existing and creating new service offerings - from those that have done it successfully

  • Martyn's Law - What you need to know

  • How to provide better services & add value - case studies

  • Why ethics and governance are so important

  • (Is there) Life After The BSCC

  • Test your cyber resilience and be prepared for the unexpected

  • New tech innovations that will help you to work smarter 

  • Public Space Protection - Plan, Provide, Protect

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Visit our Blog

Our Blog pages detail current stories from across the UK CCTV industry.
Here you will also find information about services and our members in the news together with any articles that may be newsworthy and CCTV or surveillance related

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Join Us

As a Membership based  organisation, the CCTV User Group & NASCAM are committed to supporting those organisations that are keen to be a voluntary adopter of the Surveillance Camera Commissioner's Surveillance Camera Code of Practice.
We are ready and able to work with multiple organisations to support this strategy.

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Membership of the CCTV User Group is reserved for CCTV and Public Safety professionals from any local authority (LA), Police or other government agency (together with agencies such as British Transport Police, City of London Police, TfL, Network Rail etc.) together with any organisation that either provides products or services to, or manufactures products for, the CCTV industry. Recently we have expanded to include health, property and housing associations together with hospitality, retail, education and transport.

Recent Blog Posts

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