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24 April 2014
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Welcome to the CCTV User Group

The membership organisation for ALL involved with CCTV Management and other  Control Room Systems.


ONLY 4 WEEKS TO GO till the CCTV User Group 18th Annual Seminar/Conference 2014

Booking Office now open yet again with 10% discount on the 2008 conference fees for Members early payments. LA's etc will still benefit from the discount if they book early. Please note ONLY bookings and payments made through this website or Debbie@cctvusergroup.com, Keri@cctvusergroup.com, Peter@cctvusergroup.com or through Ilker will be accepted. We shortly have to confirm how many rooms we need above the contract so please let us know in the next week or so, otherwise we may well run out of rooms!

Daventry Court Hotel - Daventry

19th May - 21st May

Preliminary Programme (TBC)

Keynote Speakers - Regulation,the ICO CCTV Codes of Practice and Super Recognisers

Antony Porter QPM LLB - The newly appointed Surveillance Camera Commissioner - Regulation, the Code and Standards, how they will affect your system

Kishor Mistry - Home Office - Both will also be particpating in the Workshops

Jonathan Bamford- Jonathan unveils The Information Commissioner's NEW CCTV Code of Practice and a Generic Impact Assessment

Ilker Dervish- Ilker explains how to begin the compliance programme

Dr Josh Davis- Will explain the background to facial recognition, eyewitness identification and how it develops from birth. He will also unveil his recent research on 'Super Recognisers' and the future research programme and its impact on the wider CCTV community

DCI Mick Neville- Mick illustrates the practical achievements of Super Recognisers

Ilker Dervish Ilker shares his thoughts on how to go about preparing your compliance programme

Simon Whitehorn NAHS- Simon informs us about his experience of CCTV and other functions they perform in an Acute City Centre Hospital

Phil Bertie- Phil describes his approach to CCTV in a major Community Housing Association System

Andy Wells- Hackney Council- Known to most CCTV Managers as running one of the best City Centre systems in difficult circumstances. A major upgrade has taken place in conjunction with Tellemachus. Your opportunity to learn 'from the horse's mouth.

Synectics- What do the public think of CCTV? Synectics will reveal this year's survey of public support for CCTV to be followed by delegates debating the issues raised.

Meyertech- Case Studies on ONVIF in practice

Peter Webster- Putting the 'Surveillance Society', New Technology and Public Area CCTV into perspective



Conference Sponsored by

The Exhibitors already booked for the event will be





Wireless CCTV


Comfort Zone




Ogier Electronics



Vigilant Technology

CCTV Services

Independent Communication Solutions


Redvision CCTV




360 Vision Technology

Digital Barriers





Feedback sheets illustrate how successful last year's conference was, with all but 3 rooms at the hotel booked by us, and over 150 delegates attending.

This is why, yet again, we have had to find a new hotel capable of dealing with an increase in delegates

If you are interested in the changes these new Codes, and other developments will effect your system 'You simply can't afford to miss this one!'


Many of our members not only manage the CCTV system but a variety of additional roles eg.

  • Out of hours telephone monitoring
  • Lone worker monitoring
  • Support systems for vulnerable adults
  • Emergency alarm monitoring
  • Major Civil Emergency Planning
  • Premises management
  • Traffic management and transport systems
  • Building Security
  • etc etc

So if you are involved in such a control room and need support and advice THIS is the organisation to join, and companies supplying such equipment are welcome to join as well

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     ALL visitors are invited to browse through our non-members pages which give details of 'The CCTV Users Group' and the services we facilitate for the Members of the organisation, details of our aims and objectives and why, if you are involved with CCTV, you might well find it beneficial to join us.

 We also provide details of the legislation CCTV systems have to adhere to in the United Kingdom written by acknowledged experts in their field, together with details of how to obtain Model Documents for the management and operation of CCTV systems, big or small.

We provide direct links to those Members who are Service Providers in the Industry (Eg. Consultants, Training Companies, Suppliers), as well as Legislative and Government Links.

We provide an indication of the programmes of previous conferences which are based upon enhancing knowledge through networking and details and a booking form for our future conferences as well as an on line Membership Application form.

If you currently manage a CCTV system we would also ask you to complete a survey form, as national statistics on the scope of public area CCTV systems is currently very limited.

 Registered Members Web Pages (accessed by the User Group Membership Name and password) contain all our Model Documents including 'The CCTV User Group Model Code of Practice and Model Procedures Manuals', access to our discussion forums where any member with a question or problem can find the solution by asking other members and contribute to the development of 'Best Practice' and 'Best Value' papers and documents prepared by the Members and the Standards Committee and past papers from conferences, In both areas we welcome your feedback, both in respect of this our first website, and our activities.

 We can now offer a pay online facility to visitors wishing to pay for membership, or other User Group Services online and members to pay for attendance at our conferences.

Please note only members may attend the conference so please read the notes on the payment pages. Click 'Pay online' to access this facility.








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