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This Merseyside town ditched its CCTV to save money - but now it's had to pay for a new one

Some shops in the area had been 'targeted repeatedly' by robbers

A Merseyside town has had a new CCTV network installed to spot crime - just four years after it got rid of its old one to save money.

And a council report recommending the installation of a new network of cameras in Huyton said there was 'urgency' to get them fitted because of a 'spate of shop robberies'.

The same report said some shops in the town had been 'targeted repeatedly' in the latter half of last year before the CCTV was installed at the end of the year.

The town had a CCTV network until 2015, when cost-saving measures saw it withdrawn.

The report said: "There is an urgency to implementing such new cameras.

"Huyton Village has faced a spate of shop robberies over the last six months and a number of businesses are being targeted repeatedly.

"As more evening uses are added, there is a risk that they may also be targeted which could dissuade other developers from investing in Huyton."

However, although the robberies added pressure to get the cameras in as quickly as possible, cabinet member for regeneration and economic development Tony Brennan said the network was always part of a wider plan for the town centre.

He said: "The council committed £1.75m back in March 2018 to invest in Huyton as part of our development plans for the village centre. 

"As well as the installation of CCTV, the funding is being used to improve shop fronts on Derby Road, enhance lighting, provide high speed Wi-Fi and deliver community events such as Foodie Friday.

"This is helping to attract more businesses and visitors to Huyton Village centre.


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