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A third of Corby's CCTV camera network is not working

CCTV in Corby has played a significant role in aiding 6,666 arrests in Corby

Forty seven of Corby's CCTV cameras designed to keep the public safe have fallen into disrepair

The town has a network of 127 security and ANPR cameras covering public areas around the town - but it was revealed this week that 47 of them are not working after the maintenance contract lapsed.

One local councillor said that a stabbing on the Kingswood estate was not recorded because the CCTV camera trained on the area was not working.

The cameras are operated by Corby Borough Council and monitored 24-hours-a-day, year-round, by a central control room that has managed to detect 6,666 crimes since its launch in 1994.

But their efforts to keep the borough safe are being hampered by the issues with cameras. The NT has chosen not to reveal the exact locations of the broken cameras but they include some cameras at key sites including on the Oakley Vale estate, the Gretton Brook Road travellers' site, Priors Hall and in the town centre.

The maintenance contract lapsed at the end of April this year and it will shortly go out to tender so that a new provider can be found.

Meanwhile, a separate consultant has been hired by Corby Council to review the system and ensure that new cameras can be added in to it.

At Corby Council's crime and disorder committee meeting on Wednesday, community safety officer Antonia Malpas said: "We know we have cameras that need to be replaced.

"The consultant will identify and prioritise which (cameras) going forward."

The aim is to eventually get the entire network back up and running, using £45,000 of capital funding from CBC.

Cllr Isabel McNab said: "There was a stabbing in Kingswood and the camera wasn't working and although it's working now, it's not on 24-hours and I was told that it's an equipment issue."

Cllr Anthony Dady said: "Somebody did say that there's more CCTV per square mile in Corby than there is in New York.

"When there have been problems, people have been told that the cameras are not working. Sometimes crimes happen and the image is all fuzzy."

Ms Malpas said: "We have been fortunate in Corby that we have been able to access S106 funding to fund cameras.

"I can't comment in relation to whether we have an excessive amount of cameras. We're fortunate we've been able to extend the system.

"Some of the cameras that we have are of quite a substantial age. There's been a uplift in budget on the maintenance side of things (but) it's been difficult to do maintenance. We have had to prioritise certain areas such as the Old Village and the nighttime economy. "It's not where we want to be."

Leader of the opposition, Cllr Kevin Watts said: "We might have more CCTV cameras than New York but I don't know if we have got more working ones.

"It's a bit disappointing that there is that number that are not working or providing a defective image.

"Is the £45,000 going to fix the issues?"

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