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Carlisle leads the way in self-delivered solutions

Carlisle announces its decision to completely remove the utilisation of subcontractors

Carlisle Support Services, one of the UK's Top 12 Security and Events companies, has announced its decision to completely remove the utilisation of subcontractors to fulfil core roles across its contracts. This strategic move reflects Carlisle's commitment to championing ethical labour practices and raising standards within the security sector.

With a longstanding dedication to improving industry standards, Carlisle has been at the forefront of initiatives such as the Real Living Wage movement. From the top level of leadership down to each level of the organisation, Carlisle has prioritised visibility, innovation, and the well-being of its team members, ensuring a focus on initiatives that improve their lives and working environment.

The company recognises the challenges posed by suppliers and buyers who seek to drive down pay rates and margins to unsustainable levels. Despite industry pressures, Carlisle remains steadfast in its commitment to company values, emphasising the importance of working with clients who value their team members and their invaluable contributions.

Carlisle's CEO Paul Evans expresses pride in the company's decision, acknowledging the boldness and bravery required to enact such a significant change. By eliminating subcontracted labour, Carlisle aims to set a new standard for the industry, urging other security companies to follow suit. He went on to say:

“I am so proud of my entire team and family at Carlisle, who stand firm behind our company purpose, namely our 'WHY'. We vowed that we would be different in the markets that we operate within and that we would place all our efforts into ensuring we continue to champion a strategy that seeks to work with clients who value our family members and the amazing work they do.


We will continue to develop exceptional people, provide clear career development pathways, and deliver exceptional levels of service to our world-class portfolio of clients.”


Having consistently worked towards this goal, recently with lowering usage, Carlisle acknowledges the extensive efforts of its operational leaders and teams in making this decision a reality.


With the impending review of the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme, new Protect Duty legislation, and heightened media interest in labour exploitation and the industry as a whole, Carlisle's leadership hopes to inspire other industry leaders to prioritise ethical labour practices and elevate industry standards collectively by removing the dependency on subcontracted labour provision in its entirety.

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