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Bold Communications bought up by Canadian company after 30 years

After 30 years as a leading provider of alarm monitoring platforms, Bold Communications has been acquired by a Canadian software company seeking to expand its business in the UK.

Valsoft Corporation is based in Montreal, Canada and says it specialises in the acquisition and development of vertical market software businesses.

In a press release, Valsoft said:

The acquisition follows Valsoft’s recent acquisition of Innovative Business Systems (Innovative). Innovative is the leading provider of security technology in the Nordic region and a member of MIT Group, an operating portfolio within Valsoft with core interests in the security, aviation and EHSQ verticals.

Bold Communications is one of the UK’s leading alarm monitoring platform providers and for over 30 years has developed alarm communications and management systems for the alarm central station and ARC market. The company supports more UK alarm and CCTV monitoring control rooms than any other supplier and is a recognised leader for security monitoring solutions with its Gemini software platform.

Patrick Cusk, CEO of MIT Group said: “We’re excited to build on Bold’s distinguished reputation, established over 30 years in the UK security industry. This acquisition marks another milestone in our ambition to establish Innovative as the leading Vendor of alarm receiving and handling solutions in EMEA. We’re delighted to welcome our new colleagues to the team – together we can look forward to supporting our customers in the UK and Nordics into the future with best-in-class solutions and services.”

Bold Managing Director, Brian Kelly, commented: “The synergies between Bold and Innovative were clear to both businesses and I look forward to helping build on the fantastic brand and products we’ve developed here at Bold over the last 30 years. We will, of course, continue our tradition of best-in-class customer service in the UK, whilst supporting Innovative’s roadmap for continued expansion in EMEA.”

Bold Communications has been a member of the CCTV User Group for many years.

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