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BT RS1000/RS1000D Fibre Circuit Retirement

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

A statement from BT concerning the retirement of their analogue circuits was recently issued to their customers

We recently became aware of this announcement and thought that our members should be aware of it, and the follow-up with BT that we have commenced on their behalf. This announcement isn't really a surprise given that most analogue CCTV equipment is nearing end of life.

However, we made the point, and it was well received, that these CCTV transmission circuits form part of the UK's vital surveillance network and any changes to them should be well considered before termination with a viable and affordable replacement product in place & ready for customers to transition into.

RS1000/RS1000D retirement From August 2023, Openreach will retire the ability for BT to deliver the RS1000 and RS1000D CCTV products [ these are analogue transmission fibre circuits]. BT Surveillance Solutions are looking to find a suitable replacement.

Delivery delays As a result of this ongoing review, there is a significant backlog of work in progressing orders. this is taking far too long and is impacting on your important CCTV services. these delays are being discussed at executive level leadership in BT and Openreach to improve the installation time.

New orders of RS1000/RS1000D They are taking orders again for RS1000 & RS1000D up until 13th August 2023, however the maximum contract term they will accept is 12 months. Based on our current forecast, lead times of more than 4 months may be experienced and are unable to commit to delivery dates post 13 aug.

Impact of retirement of the RS1000/RS1000D network base • BT can continue to provide shifts [relocations] and changes to your existing network until a withdrawal date is announced

• BT will not be able to carry out any Analogue to Digital upgrades to your network after 13th August 2023

• Future upgrades of analogue [circuits] to digital will need to be a cease and new provide of a future alternative products stack [sorry if this is unclear but it is how the message was received]

• Any new provided orders up to August 2023 will attract increased pricing to be confirmed

Future pricing of your RS1000/RS1000D base Due to the retirement of the RS1000/RS1000D by Openreach the pricing will increase when your contract ends.

Obviously, this announcement caused some concern amongst users of these circuits as it seems that, to date, no alternative product or solution has been forthcoming.

The CCTV User Group contacted BT for comment and fortunately, a few days later, we received the following message.

BT Surveillance & Smart Solutions.

  • Are committed to the CCTV market & supporting National Security today & for the future.

  • Are working to delay any major changes. (CCTV User Group: this relates to the August deadline)

  • We have significantly improved on delivery and should have all work in progress cleared by 31st July 2023

  • Will be announcing a range of new services in the coming months which are aligned to the future needs of our customers.

The message went on to say:

"Myself & the team are working flat out and will have a formal commercial announcement in the near future

We appreciate the support and I will use yourself and the CCTV User Group as the first people to be updated."

The CCTV User Group are currently working with the London Regional CCTV Managers Group (LRCMG) on this and will make sure that you are all kept up to date as things develop.

We will bring you further updates as they become available.

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