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CCTV User Group Members are featured in National Geographic magazine February 2018

Featured is the team at the CCTV Centre at the London Borough of Islington and their Manager also Chairman of the London Regional CCTV Managers Group featured in the current National Geographic magazine.

It says about the the team there "Facing the men is an immense display with 16 screens. It conveys live images from Islington’s network of 180 CCTV cameras. By visible evidence, this Saturday morning is a comparatively placid one. Earlier in the week a young man had died after being stabbed in a flat, and from the overpass at Archway Road, darkly referred to as “suicide bridge,” another man had jumped to his death. Later today in Finsbury Park, the cameras would spend hours panning across 35,000 festival goers in search of pickpockets, drunken brawlers, and other assorted agents of petty mischief. See more here

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