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CPNI launches training course for security control room operators

The Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) has recently launched a new training course for security control room operators.

CPNI is the national technical authority for physical and personnel protective security.

The new course and related guidance will help organisations and business plan, prepare and respond to terrorist incidents.

The course is based around research ongoing since 2018 and includes immersive exercise that simulate terrorist incidents, so attendees can practice real-time decision making, as if in a real control room.

CPNI said: "Through five years of research, we have found that most casualties in a terrorist incident occur within the first few minutes.

In the initial period before emergency services have arrived on scene, the security control room is the front line of defence, leading and organising the initial response to the terrorist incident. Every second counts during an attack and every second that passes is an opportunity to keep the threat as far away from people as possible, assist those who need urgent help and assist the emergency services."

CPNI warned that sites are unable to provide an effective response to a terrorist incident unless security control rooms have the appropriate equipment, policies, and procedures and operators are given the necessary training and time to practice and exercise the response. Research has shown that many businesses and organisations are not prepared for terrorist incidents, and security control room operators are often unclear of what to do in that situation.

The course runs over five days and is designed for operators who work in Security Control Rooms in National Infrastructure sites and crowded places.

Places are available across the country from January 2023.

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