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Introducing TelWAI - A New Business Partner Member

Remove the restriction and costs of network cabling and choose TelWAI.

Founded in 2022, TelWAI combines AI-driven video analytics operating on the edge and wireless network communications.

With a strong emphasis on addressing end-user challenges, TelWAI cameras are configured with user-defined video analytics, enabling automated targeted detection.

These alarms, video, and metadata are then communicated in real-time to multiple control points, including central control room Video Management Systems and portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Delivering UK-developed and assembled surveillance cameras, TelWAI cameras offer secure end-to-end video encryption, ensuring data integrity.

Mobile Data Transmission

​Our wireless cameras are not limited by expensive closed-circuit networks. Video data is transmitted in real-time to multiple control points using 3G, 4G, and 5G networks. These control points include the cloud, central control rooms, and handheld devices.

AI-Driven Video Analytics

Our advanced AI-driven video analytics analyses video data so our customers don't have to. Our cameras will automatically alert staff to potential security and safety risks. Tailored around end-user requirements, all our cameras are configured based on user specifications.

Our Mission

​To enable user-defined event detection and decentralised data distribution for advanced situational awareness. TelWAI's mission is to facilitate safer, smarter environments through shared intelligence.

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