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Labour Launches “Take Back Our Streets” Policy In Their Manifesto…

What Labour’s long-term crime plan means for you.

Labour's "Take Back Our Streets" initiative aims to restore security and confidence in the UK's policing and criminal justice system, which they believe has deteriorated under the Conservatives. The key points that they are promoting in their manifesto are:

1. Neighbourhood Policing: Labour plans to recruit 13,000 additional neighbourhood police and PCSOs, funded by cutting wasteful contracts, to ensure every community has a named officer for immediate response.

2. Anti-social Behaviour: They propose that they will introduce tougher penalties for anti-social behaviour, including Respect Orders with criminal sanctions, and tackle shoplifting by removing the £200 threshold for investigations.

3. Violent Crime and Knife Crime: Labour commits to halving serious violence and knife crime, with a comprehensive action plan addressing both the crimes and their root causes.

4. Violence Against Women and Girls: They aim to halve violence against women and girls in a decade by introducing specialist domestic abuse workers and rape investigation units in every police force, and targeting repeat offenders with enhanced tactics.

5. Youth Crime Prevention: A ten-year Young Futures programme will establish youth hubs with mental health and youth workers to support young people and prevent knife crime.

6. Police and Criminal Justice Reform: Labour plans to rebuild trust by increasing the number of detectives and prosecutors, building promised prisons, and overhauling police vetting and training processes.

Labour's planned approach focuses on visible policing, stringent measures against repeat offenders, support for victims, and preventive initiatives for youth, aiming to create safer, thriving communities.


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