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Letter to all Chief Executives of Local Authorities in England and Wales

From the BSCC and Copied to Senior Responsible Officers & Data Protection Officers

The use of overt surveillance camera systems in public places by local authorities in England and Wales: A assessment of compliance with section 33(1) of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 and the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice

You’ll be aware that I have a statutory function under section 29(2) of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA) to encourage compliance with the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice (SC Code) issued by the Secretary of State. As a local authority in England and Wales you are a ‘relevant authority’ under the provisions of PoFA and as such are bound by responsibilities arising from section 33(1) to have regard to the SC Code when exercising any functions to which the SC Code relates.

The overarching purpose of the SC Code is “to enable operators of surveillance camera systems to make legitimate use of available technology in a way that the public would rightly expect and to a standard that maintains public trust and confidence” (para 3) and “It is a legitimate public expectation of relevant authorities that they are able to demonstrate how they have had regard to this code” (para 8).

Against that backdrop, I am therefore notifying you that I am now conducting a further assessment of compliance following on from the survey my predecessor conducted with local authorities in England and Wales in 2020. A survey document has been forwarded to your local authority together with this letter and should be completed under the guidance of your appointed Senior Responsible Officer.

Read the complete letter in the download below

LA survey letter to Chief Execs 8 July 22
Download PDF • 170KB

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