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Manchester Arena Inquiry Volume Two report published – national policing response

The second volume of the Manchester Arena Inquiry report has been published.

From: ProtectUK

The second volume of the Manchester Arena Inquiry report has been published.

The second volume of the Manchester Arena Inquiry was published today, Thursday 3rd November 2022.

This is a lengthy report and provides a deep and thorough assessment of what happened that night in May 2017.

Counter Terrorism Policing has heard and contributed to the evidence given to the inquiry throughout, and over the past five years have been working closely with partners to strengthen our protect and prepare capabilities.

National Policing and the Home Office are working to ensure a robust process is in place to ensure the additional recommendations outlined in this volume are made and assured throughout national, regional and local policing.

Head of Counter Terrorism Policing, Assistant Commissioner Matt Jukes, has issued the following statement on behalf of national policing partners today: “Today, my thoughts are with the families who lost loved ones as a result of the terrible events of May 2017, and with the survivors whose lives have been deeply affected. They have shown a humbling resilience and dignity during the long and difficult inquiry process.

“This volume of the report includes harrowing descriptions of the victims’ suffering, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for families to read this about their loved one’s last moments.

“The shock felt by the people of Manchester was evident to me when I was deployed to the city to command specialist teams in support of the investigation; and the devastation wrought was clearer still after spending time with some of those affected. “That is why all of us with a role to play in responding to this Inquiry are determined that its findings help shape the UK’s response to terrorism in the future. The recommendations published today are of critical importance to all police forces and for national efforts to protect and prepare against terrorism.

“We have not waited for the Inquiry to conclude to strengthen our readiness and our resources.

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