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Martyn's Law: standard tier consultation

Open Consultation - Your Chance To Comment

About this consultation

This consultation is open to the public, and is targeted at organisations, businesses, local and public authorities, and/or individuals who own or operate publicly accessible premises or events that the proposed Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill would potentially affect. In particular, it seeks views from those responsible for the smaller premises which would fall within the Standard Tier.

The proposed Bill would impose requirements in relation to certain premises and events to increase their preparedness for, and protection from, a terrorist attack by requiring them to take proportionate steps, depending on the size and nature of the activities that take place at their premises.

The proposed requirements would apply to those responsible for qualifying public premises and qualifying public events. They might be individuals but, in most cases, would likely be a business or other organisation. If premises or an event did not meet certain prescribed qualifying conditions, then the proposed requirements would not apply in relation to them.

One of the conditions for premises would be that they be wholly or mainly used for a listed purpose, such as the provision of entertainment and leisure facilities to the public. The proposals set out different requirements for

i) Standard Tier premises, which would have a capacity of 100-799 individuals, and

ii) Enhanced Tier premises and qualifying public events, both of which have a capacity of 800 individuals or more.

This consultation is solely focussed on the requirements proposed in relation to standard duty premises, which is referred to as the “Standard Tier”. We welcome responses from anyone with an interest in or experience of the areas being consulted on within this consultation.

The consultation relates to the United Kingdom only. Duration: From 05/02/24 to 18/03/24

It seeks views from those responsible for smaller premises which would fall within the standard tier.

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Released: 5 February, 2024

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