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More new members - Welcome to VuWall as they join the CCTV User Group

The CCTV User Group goes from strength to strength with additional business partners joining us. We are delighted to welcome VuWall as they join the CCTV User Group and we look forward to bringing you exciting news about their products.

Unified Visualization and video wall control systems for professional and mission-critical applications

The VuWall ecosystem of interoperable products is built on a unique hybrid technology, VuTrexTM, that provides the most effective distribution of visual information, from any source to any type of display throughout organizations. VuTrex bridges AV, IT and IP systems with a hybrid and standards-based interoperable approach. VuTrex has set a new industry benchmark within complex AV/IT environments.

Enabling operators to focus on their mission and not on the technology.

Display any combination of information in the right place at the right time; on the video wall, the operators’ desktop, in a crisis room or a director’s office. Interact with multiple sources in various formats, thanks to VuTrexTM , our unique, hybrid and interoperable technology. VuWall solutions are used in control rooms globally within a variety of industries, including utilities, transportation, government, defence & security, oil & gas, banking, and beyond.

Copyright: VuWall

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