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NaCTSO Competent Persons Scheme: A Thank You and Message About Third Party Suppliers

Update from the NaCTSO Competent Persons Scheme.

A message from the CPS Team

We were pleased to see the announcement of Martyn’s Law (previously the Protect Duty) in December and look forward to the changes that it will bring. The Homeland Security Group at the Home Office will be the single, authoritative voice for all that it mandates, so continue to look out for announcements from them.

We continue to develop the Competent Persons Scheme (CPS) and look forward to incorporating the requirements of Martyn’s Law into our work with the Publicly Accessible Locations (PALs) Programme at NaCTSO.

We very much appreciate how many of you have taken the time to email us and taken such an active interest in the CPS and its design. There has been a lot of support shown, not just by those already in the security industry, but also from the business community at large. For this, we thank you. The positive and proactive feedback we have received is helping and informing the direction we take. Our objective is to improve the counter-terrorism protective security and preparedness sphere by sharing our knowledge and experience in order to assure the market is best served. The decision to explore doing this through two potential parts of the scheme (described here) has allowed us to take a more holistic look at what is most needed. When we have developed these further, we will be in a position to make further announcements, which we will release on ProtectUK – our single, authoritative voice.

With the announcement of Martyn’s Law, we anticipate that there may be a rise in the number of NaCTSO unendorsed courses being advertised and sold to companies to supposedly meet Martyn’s Law and provide competent persons. We reiterate that these are from third parties and are not related to the CPS and until Martyn’s law is enacted you should be aware that the requirements are not yet set.

We look forward to making more information available as we make progress with the CPS and thank you again for your ongoing engagement.

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