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NaCTSO’s Competent Persons Scheme

The Government’s newly proposed ‘Protect Duty’ will, subject to parliamentary approval, require those in control of certain public locations and venues to consider the risks posed by terrorist attacks and to take appropriate and proportionate measures to safeguard the public.

The Protect Duty has been championed by victims’ groups, including the Martyn’s Law campaign, established by Figen Murray following the loss of her son in the 2017 Manchester Arena attack. Currently, there is no specific legislative requirement for organisations to consider and mitigate terrorist threats at the majority of public places. The Queen’s Speech on 10th May 2022 noted the Government’s intention to take forward a Protect Duty Bill in this parliamentary session, and the future Competent Persons Scheme will provide information and assistance to the business community on security advisers and competent persons in the workplace.

What is the Competent Persons Scheme?

The Competent Persons Scheme (CPS) forms part of the Government Publicly Accessible Locations Programme. It is the focus of a dedicated internal unit within National Counter Terrorism Security office (NaCTSO). They are a team with a broad range of qualifications and experience which includes Counter Terrorism Protect and Prepare training, both in the UK and overseas; Health and Safety Legislation and Inspection, Project Management and Research.

The mission of the CPS is to provide the business community with the assurance that they can successfully mitigate their risks posed by terrorist threats and fulfil their duties under the new Protect Duty - whether this be using internal or external skillsets.

The project is in its infancy, and is at the start of what will be a busy and exciting two years as we progress towards implementation.

The full scope of the CPS scheme is yet to be determined; a proof of concept has been created using a combination of previous market research, the Protect Duty Consultation and Manchester Arena Inquiry as datasets.

The proof of concept looks at two potential markets:

  1. Security Advisors - A person who will provide appropriate advice to businesses in matters relating to counter terrorism protective security/preparedness.

  2. Persons in the Workplace- A person responsible for determining and implementing appropriate security practices within an organisation. This may be a business owner or senior manager or more security-specific roles such as a Security Manager or Operations Manager etc.

An evidence based policing approach is being used to help define the scope of the scheme and further market research has been commissioned to support these decisions. This research seeks to understand the current knowledge, qualifications or skills in the target markets and to canvas their views on potential future areas of growth and market appetite for possible CPS solutions.

How can you help?

We would like to thank the business community who have already contributed to the Protect Duty Consultation and those who have engaged with the SIA’s work into the monitored recommendations under the Manchester Arena Inquiry.

We are working with partners who are assisting us with market research that will run between May and August 2022. There will be a chance over the next few months for businesses to participate in this research. Details of how to partake will be shared in due course and you can register your interest using the below email address. We would be grateful for the business community’s continued and highly valued support with this.

Engagement with stakeholders is absolutely critical for the CPS Team to ensure the right fit-for- purpose solution is reached. This research will help to define the scope of the scheme and will facilitate more targeted stakeholder engagement.

Presently we are not in a position to answer specific questions or make commitments on the direction of the scheme until the conclusion of the research and the scope of the scheme is determined.

The team wishes to assure all partners and stakeholders in the industry that their views will be sought and welcome in the future research. There will be a full engagement process at the earliest possible opportunity.

If you would like to register interest to take part in future engagement, such as focus groups or workshops, following the conclusion of our research in the autumn, please contact: please include a few lines about your role and experience.

Thank You,

Copyright: NaCTSO CPS Team

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