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National ANPR Standards for Policing and Law Enforcement

July 2022 Version: 2.4

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The Home Office issues these standards in support of the management and use of the National ANPR Service (NAS). ANPR is used by the police and other law enforcement agencies (hereafter referred to as LEAs) for law enforcement purposes. LEAs should use these policy standards to shape technical standards, standard operating procedures and audit standards.

This document covers the use of ANPR within the NAC and will identify for which uses this document shall be applicable. The use of ANPR within the NAC otherwise than in accordance with this document is not permitted.

This document is divided into 3 sections:

• Part 1 – Data Standards, which define the compliance requirements for ANPR Data

• Part 2 – Infrastructure Standards, which define the compliance requirements for ANPR infrastructure

• Part 3 – Data Access and Management Standards, which define the access requirements for LEAs and other organisations that are associated with ANPR data for law enforcement purposes.

These standards articulate the requirements with which the police and other Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA), as detailed at Annex A must comply to access the National ANPR Capability (NAC). These standards do not cover the use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) for any purpose that is not law enforcement and will identify the purposes for which this document shall be applicable.

Data from the NAC may not be used for other purposes, however in appropriate circumstances a camera may provide data to both the NAC and organisations other than those listed at Annex A to be managed independently.

This document includes a description of the legal basis for ANPR as well as the applicability of these standards.

The standards comprise three main sections: Data Standards, Infrastructure Standards and Data Access and Management Standards. Audit standards and technical requirements are covered in other documents.

Data Standards comprise the security requirements that must be met for the NAC as well as the composition requirements for read data. Infrastructure Standards cover the end-to-end infrastructure requirements for the NAC, including infrastructure development, cameras, networks, databases, infrastructure access and performance and legal requirements.

Data Access and Management Standards include the management of data within the NAC, including collection, storage, transfer and deletion of data. This section also provides guidance on FOI and Data Protection Act (DPA) enquiries.

The Annexes to this document include password requirements, guidance on investigation categories, the approval process for accessing ANPR data and a list of approved organisations that may access ANPR.

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