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The Thin Blue Mind Podcast - Police Pursuits

Whilst researching something yesterday, I came across the 'Thin Blue Mind' podcast from Policing TV and found it really interesting so thought to share it here with you.

This is one of a series of really well presented podcasts that provide insightful comment from three experienced former police professionals.

Recommended listening.

Extracted from the Policing TV website

"Insight into the world of Policing in UK and globally. PolicingTV is a new online platform for video and audio content that aims to provide insightful interviews, debates, and analysis, on policing and criminal justice issues. Policing Insight, CoPaCC and World Class Policing Awards founder Bernard Rix started the project with the UK leg of his Policing Friendship Tour. PolicingTV is the sister site to - with consistent values aligned to global, progressive, policing guiding the content development and the editorial approach. We will also feature a weekly Policing Insight series of interviews from Danny Shaw, Other areas to be covered include Policing in A Pandemic, International Policing, Education and Training. We aim to highlight best practice, reflect on the latest developments in policing, and tackle thorny issues with intelligent comment and insight."

Click the image below to listen to the latest version about Police Pursuits online (if it seems like it isn't loading after clicking on the play button, simply click on the audio waveform (series of lines shown in red) to force it to play). That worked for me.

Listen on Spotify

Listen on their website

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