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Ready for the Protect Duty?

Infographic by Synectics

Last week, at The CCTV User Group Vision 2022 conference, Synectics conducted a snapshot survey to capture the delegates' current understanding of the Protect Duty.

How ready are you for the proposed legislation?

The governments forthcoming Protect Duty legislation was a hot topic of conversation amongst delegates at the CCTV User Group annual conference earlier this week.

Whilst the process is still in the consultation phase, it was clear that organisations are starting to turn their thoughts to how it will impact upon them and how they will fund training and changes to processes in order to comply with any legislation that is brought forward.

Clearly, the Protect Duty, should it become enacted, will have a significant impact upon the CCTV industry and will likely place new responsibilities upon those that are accountable for the management of it. It will no longer be acceptable to pretend that the law applies only to others.

See our leter blog on our response to the Protect Duty consultation with a download link

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