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Safe airspace for all

Drones represent an exciting development in aviation technology and offer new opportunities for emergency services, businesses and individuals across the globe.

However, they also pose an increasing challenge for air traffic control.

At NATS, we want to ensure the UK’s busy skies are safe and accessible for everyone, and we’re working hard to enable the safe integration of drones with manned aircraft to ensure all airspace users can operate safely alongside each other.

We’re developing and adopting new unmanned traffic control technologies aimed at streamlining unmanned flight approvals processes.

We’re also establishing unified air traffic management (UTM) capabilities that will future-proof our systems to provide safe and secure air traffic control services for everyone who wants to fly any type of aircraft in our skies.


Since November 2019 it has been a legal requirement in the UK for anyone responsible for a drone or unmanned aircraft weighing between 250g and 20kg to register with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and pass an online education package. Further guidance on this is provided in the resources and FAQS below:

More information can be found here

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