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Say Hi to our newest Member - Section 20 Solutions

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

We are delighted to announce our newest member joining the CCTV User Group. Having met with them it is clear that they are very experienced in what they do and have a wonderful set of tools to support us with our network management & protection.

Very kindly, I was given an amazing 'Dark Trace' ( brochure which has had me captivated ever since! I'll finish reading it over the weekend for sure. I now know all about the "The Enterprise Immune System'

I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting, thanks for joining us.

This is what Section 20 Solutions can do.

Operational Technology

OT, 2 small letters which run our lives - Operational Technology sounds complicated, yet refers to the ‘behind the scenes gadgets’ that keep us safe, warm and happy. Everyone talks about benefits, even outcomes - but what does that mean for our privacy, reputation and future? Section 20 Solutions is born out of the need to understand, asses, improve and constantly monitor essential technology services. Using the worlds most advanced artificial intelligence platforms, a deep understanding of the engineering, zero-day data analytics tools and some logic, our mission is to give confidence to all users of technology.

Bespoke Solutions

Advanced consultancy sectors IoT full stack (Smart buildings, banking, retail, manufacturing) Physical security solution review (CCTV, VMS, Analytics, Access Control) Market leading network inspection, reporting, optimisation, segregation, resilience, management, change state monitoring and security Market leading cloud security platforms Bespoke Blockchain Solutions PEN testing and compliance Advanced people tracking with cloud visualisation WAN and connectivity services Market leading smart building edge platform

Network Layer Change-State Monitoring

Section 20 Solutions Ltd was created to address the gaps in Operational Technology security. Our first key partnership is Darktrace. The Industrial Immune System is a fundamental AI platform for OT cyber defence. The self-learning technology passively learns what ‘normal’ looks like across OT, IT and industrial IoT, allowing it to detect even the subtlest signals of emerging cyber threats in real time. The technology is protocol agnostic and can be deployed across a range of OT environments, providing full coverage of the organisation without disrupting daily operations. The best way to understand the technology is a free of charge proof of concept in either a closed test environment or a working system

Services provided include:

  • Network inspection, optimisation and change state monitoring

  • Smart building, IoT, Wayfinding solution design

  • Network Security Policy and Procedure Development Consultation

  • Penetration Testing


0203 6338566

or use this link

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