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SIA - Planned Changes to CCTV Operator Training

We recently received a question from a CCTV User Group Member around changes to the SIA training for CCTV Operators and we subsequently put it to the SIA requesting a response.  The SIA has been wonderfully fast in responding (within hours) which is impressive. Thank you.

Question from Member:

Our training provider has recently informed me of the below changes to training requirements that they are claiming will be implemented by the SIA from April 2020 :

Please be aware that from the 1st April 2020 the SIA and Awarding body’s are implementing changes to all SIA Security Qualifications.

The CCTV Course will increase in days delivered from 3  to 5 with no distance learning allowed.

Does anyone know if this is the case as I can’t seem to find any legislation that confirms this and the provider has been very vague about it? We currently do 3 days training which takes place at our head office.

I’m also interested in providing our training in-house, rather than using an external company and I wondered if any members do this who could provide some advice?

Response from the SIA

Thank you for your e-mail about how long it will take to complete the new CCTV qualification, available from autumn this year (2020).

The training will take a minimum of 4 days, without distance learning and 3 days with distance learning. Distance learning is only permitted for the common unit.

Please follow this link to a press release on our website.

I am checking on the delivery time for the new qualifications, but I can say that all the updated qualifications do have scope for distance learning of certain core modules.


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