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Surveillance Camera Code of Practice - Statutory Consultation

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

The Government has launched a statutory consultation to update the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice which runs until 8 September 2021.

The Code, issued under section 30 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA), provides guidance on the appropriate use of surveillance camera systems by local authorities and the police. This is the first revision to the Code since its introduction in June 2013.

The proposed draft updates references to subsequent legislation, in particular Data Protection legislation, and the judgment in Bridges v South Wales Police. There is also some rationalizing of the text to make it easier for the user to follow (specific amendments are outlined in the attached grid). The amended Code does not place any additional burden on those authorities who should have regard to it, and the list of relevant authorities defined in the PoFA is not being extended at present. Subject to the comments received, the Government’s intention is to lay the draft Code before parliament in late autumn.

The Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Professor Fraser Sampson, is responsible for encouraging compliance with the Code and reviewing how it is working. The Commissioner and his office would like to encourage contributions to this consultation from a wide range of stakeholders and would be very happy to discuss this with you over the course of the consultation period. We would also ask that all comments on the amended Code are sent to our office at the latest by 8 September at the following email address:

The draft Code of Practice (MS Word file) is attached here together with a document explaining changes from the previous version (MS Excel file)

Surveillance Camera Code - summary of amendments
Download XLSX • 26KB

Surveillance Camera Code of Practice (update)
Download DOCX • 102KB
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