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The CCTV User Group & NASCAM visit Eizo Security and Surveillance in Ascot, Berkshire

I spent a wonderful morning in Ascot, Berkshire yesterday at the EIZO's Security & Surveillance demo suite meeting with Claire Labuschagne and David Hadden. Andy Stocker from Chroma Vision was also with us alongside John Lewis from JLA / Comtrol and Lorraine Antiri from YITU Technology.

I remember, way back in the mid-1980's when I first saw an Eizo monitor screen in use at EA Games in Slough. It was on a computer graphic artists' desktop. It was enormous. A huge CRT screen that had this simply amazing image quality; like nothing I had ever seen before. The artist was very proud of his screen and enthusiastically described how this was a state of the art display due to its amazing clarity & colour rendition. I just thought how heavy it must be!

At Eizo yesterday we discussed how so many CCTV Monitoring Centres probably don't spend enough time considering the quality of the desktop visual displays they use; and that includes me. I remember back in 2012 when we carried out an upgrade to our CCTV Centre in Slough, we used the Dell monitors that were supplied with the PC Workstations without too much thought for the staff that have to spend endless hours looking at them. I'm not saying that Dell monitors aren't good. I'm just saying that our staff teams deserve the best image quality we can afford to provide them with and that we should always consider the impact of external inputs upon them. This obviously includes environmental noise, comfort, airflow, heat & light and others but importantly, high quality visual displays should be included high on this list too.

David Hadden, Eizo's Technology Manager described how there are additional factors to take into account when selecting a visual display, such as lifetime cost of ownership. So many of us seem to treat visual displays; particularly the computer desktop displays, almost as a consumable item and that is something we should buy as cheaply as possible; which simply isn't correct as I now know. You can buy one for as little as £80 these days but are they good enough for your staff to use 24/7?

David Hadden kindly went into the technical details of the Eizo products, much of which was highly complex but it goes to show that there is much to consider when selecting a visual display and has caused me to ask myself if I need to pay more attention to this than I have in the past. The answer is, of course, yes.

EIZO's security & surveillance monitor solutions provide high performance, long term reliability, and flexible installation to transportation hubs, medical facilities, offices, and more. Their Security and Surveillance products offer some perfect solutions for the CCTV industry especially their feature packed desktop displays.

Visibility Enhancement

Specialty monitors are equipped with unique visibility enhancement technology for improving the clarity of security footage in real time.

Defog Enhances images affected by fog, snow, or other environmental factors that cause the video to appear hazy or unclear.

Low-Light Correction Detects areas of the screen that are dark and difficult to see and adjusts the brightness of each pixel, reproducing a realistic sense of depth.

Outline Enhancer Analyzes the displayed content and ensures that noise is not accentuated while correcting blurred areas for a sharper, clearer image.

Lastly, we spent some time looking at the Eizo IP Decoding Monitor and Box (a stand-alone IP decoder with some really great features). This is a really useful device for some applications for up to 32 IP cameras; click the image to take a closer look.

EIZO works with leading manufacturers of security & surveillance solutions to ensure technical compatibility and functional support with various equipment, as well as co-develop solutions to meet highly requested end user requirements.

It's great to see so many of our CCTV User Group Business Partner Member's are also working with Eizo.

I'd like to thank Eizo for hosting us yesterday and look forward to seeing more of their innovations in the future.

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