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Vacancy: Public Space Surveillance Technical Supervisor

London Borough of Hackney

Salary - Grade: £36,618 to £37,491 - PO1

Contract Type: Permanent

Contracted Hours: Full Time - 36 hours per week

This role is based within the Civil Protection (CP) Service, in our Public Space Surveillance (PSS) Team. The CP Service works on; Emergency Planning for, and responding to, incidents such as terrorist attacks, floods, fires or anything that disrupts the people or infrastructure of Hackney; Public Space Surveillance, using the Council’s CCTV systems and the engineering work that underpins both functions.

You will be responsible for providing a central key resource to the PSS Manager, ensuring that they receive high quality, reliable, flexible and proactive support.

Duties will involve Public Space Surveillance; inspecting work carried out by contractors, checking requests from our Contractors for extra materials and time are justified and ensuring they are paid appropriately, updating software on computers and ensuring they function correctly.

You will devise training instructions and produce documents for our Public Space Surveillance Operators to learn from as ‘distance learning modules’, installing small projects such as one to three Town Centre cameras in a public space, assisting the PSS Manager in larger installation projects, devising engineering solutions for surveillance needs, such as relocatable cameras, measuring work carried out on Highways, to ensure the meterage claimed for by contractors is correct, assisting the CP Service Manager in liaising with radio contractors to ensure the Council’s radio systems function correctly and our records are kept up to date, whilst ensuring Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras are functioning and the data we send to the Police is accurate and complete.

Download the JD PSS

Download PDF • 190KB

To apply online, visit the Hackney jobs website, full details here

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