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Whitby Street Angels Concern Over CCTV Switch Off

6:00am 1st May 2018

The Whitby Street Angels say they are concerned about the possibility of CCTV being switched off in the borough. 

We've told you how North Yorkshire County Council is set cutting its funding for the service by more than 70%. 

It says that it can get traffic information cheaper through another provider. MP for Scarborough and Whitby Robert Goodwill says he'll see what can be done to keep the cameras switched on. 

The Whitby Street Angels provide care and keep safe on nights out who may be vulnerable or need help to get home. 

They work closely with the police, door staff and with the CCTV service in order to carry out this care.

Christine Koller has been a street angel for three years, she said:

"The CCTV is there for our safety as well. We only patrol the areas and streets where we're covered by CCTV
Occasionally if we have to go off camera, there's usually three of us but I don't think we'd be able to go out if the CCTV wasn't there.
I just cannot imagine it because in my experience in the last three years, we're often called and alerted by CCTV.
That could be to people that are in trouble. But the CCTV has a massive input into what we all do."
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