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CCTV in Taxis? CCTV User Group Members need more information.


What is currently available?

One District Council Member is currently exploring the feasibility of a CCTV requirement in its licenced taxis and we discussed this earlier this week with the Home Office team. Our member asks, 'Does any member have something already in place that we could utilise? or have information to assist us such as….

  1. Put a policy in place to support this requirement & how this fits in with the CoP, GDPR and Protection of Freedoms Act.

  2. A 'Good Practice' guide.

  3. Costs to the taxi drivers, charges etc

  4. Recommended contractors for the installation and any ongoing support.

  5. Any other information we should be aware of as part of our research into implementing this.'

Of course, we have been discussing this topic for some time as have others and we have now provided the guidance that we have access to.

If any Member has already implemented CCTV in Taxis, please let us know so we can share best practice.

Please find below a link to the SCC’s response to the Department for Transport consultation on statutory guidance for taxi and private hire vehicles licensing authorities (see here

The ICO response to the same exercise is also attached (also blog here -

Please see our Members Area to download the documentation we have available about this here

(Includes LGA’s and TfL’s latest documentation on this).

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