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CCTV User Group - Autumn Update Event

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

We are supporting regional CCTV Managers with our very first Autumn Update meeting in October, 2022

Whilst supporting members in the Essex area on the challenges of DEMS and DAMS systems being introduced, we joined their area online group meeting and quickly realised that we would need to involve others in order to fully understand these issues and challenges in order to make sure we understood all of the implications and how or if policies would need to be changed or simply updated.

Having met with CCTV Manager Barry Davis at Southend Borough Council CCTV Centre, he kindly offered a venue for us meet so that we could involve a wider audience to try to address these matters.

We also discussed the requirements for Council staff vetting for using Airwave, the future of the BSCC role, a Protect Duty update and whether anyone is successfully using ASB legislation to tackle noisy nuisance vehicles. Clearly, there are some significant challenges for all to be considering.

So we have grasped this opportunity to join in the conversation on all of these topics and will hold our very first Autumn Update meeting in October. This is a bit of an experiment for us and we are excited to see how it works out. If successful, we will look to see how we might broaden our reach in an effort to support more our members.

If you are struggling with similar issues and challenges, please get in touch so we can advise & support you how best you can move forward. We will also share any outputs from the October meeting with you.

If you would like to attend, please see the 'Events' section of our website.

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1 comentario

07 sept 2022

Just checking that this is just a one day event as the details state 13th to 14th October as does the calendar invitation.

Me gusta
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