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China accused of deploying big data with CCTV systems to monitor people in Xinjiang

China has integrated information collection, big data and CCTV to monitor ethnic Uyghurs in Xingjiang, claims Human Rights Watch.

Predictive analytics and big data is being used pre-emptively catch potential criminals and, especially, political dissidents.

That's according to Human Rights Watch, which claims that authorities in the separatist Xinjiang region of China have turned to big data analytics in a bid to keep a lid on dissent.

It comes as China's current president, Xi Jinping, seeks to remove term limits restricting the length of time that he can serve. Removal of the term limits would mean that he could serve as president for life. 

According to HRW, the China Electronics Technology Group teamed up with Xinjiang's government two years ago to collect data about citizens' backgrounds and behaviours.

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