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Does CCTV coverage fit the bill?

Alderley Edge residents are being invited to discuss the CCTV system in the village, given its failure to capture recent incidents of vandalism, at the forthcoming Parish Council meeting.

Stuart Hobson, CCTV Manager at Cheshire East Council (and Member of the CCTV User Group), has been invited to the meeting on Monday, 9th April, to give councillors and residents the chance to consider recent issues with CCTV and the options for installing a temporary system in the park over the summer months, in an attempt to counter vandalism.

Rachael Grantham, Chair of Alderley Edge Parish Council, said "Following a recent visit to the control room at Macclesfield Town Hall, Alderley Edge Parish Council are keeping a close eye on the effectiveness of the CCTV cameras in Alderley Edge after their failure to capture recent incidents of vandalism in the village centre.

"Councillors are also keen to hear details of the proposed upgrade of the CCTV system, examples of successful convictions in the village and the opportunity to receive detailed monthly reports in the future so they can monitor the system's effectiveness."

Alderley Edge Parish Council currently pays £5500 per annum to cover the three surveillance cameras in the village centre for a year, including monitoring and maintenance.

Stuart Hobson will be proposing a new three-year contract for the service, which the Parish Council currently holds on an annual basis. Cllr Rachael Grantham added "Councillors will explore that proposal as well as alternative options and implications of stopping the contract."

The Parish Council meeting will take place on Monday, 9th April, at 7pm, in the Emerson Suite at the Festival Hall on Talbot Road.

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