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From Facit Data Systems: Identity Cloak v2.0. Redact your CCTV footage in four quick and easy steps.

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Our updated Video Redaction, Face Blur Software, Identity Cloak 2.0, incorporates several additional key features, requested by market feedback, together with a new architecture for speedier processing and a number of new tools to make the operators role both easier and more efficient. To further improve our software we are proud to introduce our new audio feature meaning users can now process and export videos with audio (normally from Body Worn Video devices).

Our Identity Cloak software allows you to automatically blur people’s faces in videos which hides their identity whilst saving you time and money. You can also select who you want to unblur via simple and automatic tag and track functionality.

The product has successfully supported and protected Organisations throughout the world as more and more privacy legislation comes into force. Get in touch to see how we could help your company today.

A demo video is available here and a free trial is available (sign-up required) here

CCTV User Group Comment.

This is a huge advance from some of the other video redaction services which require video uploads to a Cloud-based service. This new AI application is a stand-alone product and will operate on Control Centre workstations, freeing you up from SaaS options and having the data remain within your own servers.

Contact Facit Data Systems for more information

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