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'Have I Been Pwned' Code Base Now Open Source

Whilst the announcement title above isn't really the point of this blog, it reminded me about using the HIBP website is as it will help you to check your email address or phone number (work or home) and those of your team, to make sure they remain secure or whether they have been compromised online.

Click the image below to try it with any email address you use.

'Pwned' is hacker-speak for 'Owned' or compromised. I have been using this simple online credentials breach checker for years now; it is both highly effective and well-respected within the IT industry. Not only that, it's free to use as many times as you need, too.

Simply enter your email or that which you wish to check and the website will advise you if and where your passwords may have been compromised normally as part of a data breach online. Check it out here

Here are my results.

The full article:

Read Hunt's full blog post for more information.

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