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Glasgow Council CCTV security to be ‘tightened up’

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Glasgow Council CCTV security to be ‘tightened up’ after former council worker retains unauthorised access

The system, which covers 429 public cameras as well as 98 traffic cameras was accessed by at least one unauthorised person.

Councillors have agreed to tighten up access to CCTV files after a report revealed that a former employee had access to the system.

In a document presented to the finance and audit scrutiny committee members were informed that from a sample test had identified one person who had retired in September 2022. But who still had access to the system.

The issue was discovered as part of an agreed internal audit plan where the local authority carried out a review of public space CCTV.

Glasgow City Council has 429 fixed public space CCTV cameras across the city as well as 98 traffic cameras and eight re-deployable cameras.

Public space CCTV and traffic cameras are monitored by Neighbourhoods, Regeneration and Sustainability (NRS) staff, from the Glasgow Operations Centre (GOC) based in the Council’s Eastgate building.

The investigation found a number of areas where controls should be strengthened and appropriate procedures are in place to manage risks.

Following the revelation that people no longer employed by the council could have accessed the system it was recommended that public space CCTV should ensure reviews are formally undertaken and in doing so they should document and retain evidence of the quarterly review process for physical access to the GOC.

This should document the users reviewed and the line manager who confirmed their access, including third parties where appropriate.

It is also recommended that the Head of Audit and Inspection submits a further report to the committee on the implementation of these ideas included in the action plan which members unanimously agreed to.

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