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"Fundamentals of a Cyber Risk Assessment"

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Management are increasingly thinking about cyberattacks and security threats in terms of risk to their organisation. It can be difficult for organisations to quantitatively measure risk, or to assess how an attack or breach would impact the business.

In this webinar, experts discuss how to perform a cyber risk assessment and the questions that needs to be considered during the process. What kind of information does the organization need to have in order to understand risk, and how do they implement an effective risk management strategy? Get recommendations on how to implement the tools and processes that will show you the risks to your organization. •Get an overview of the assessment process •Explore the questions every risk assessment should consider •Learn how to develop a risk management strategy that works for you

Presented live by featured speakers Tom Parker and Kayne McGladrey. Moderated by Becky Bracken.

Note: This webinar is being held in the USA so check you're aware of the time difference

Live Webinar | Wednesday, October 18, 2023 | 1pm ET

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