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‘Mother of All Breaches’: 26 BILLION Records Leaked

Read expert insight from Leon Teale into the implications of this historic data breach

The security researcher Bob Diachenko and investigators from Cybernews have discovered an open instance with more than 26 billion data records, mostly compiled from previous breaches – although it likely also includes new data.

Organisations associated with these data records include:

  • Tencent QQ – 1.4 billion records;

  • Weibo – 504 million records;

  • Myspace – 360 million records;

  • X/Twitter – 281 million records;

  • Deezer – 258 million records;

  • LinkedIn – 251 million records;

  • AdultFriendFinder – 220 million records;

  • Adobe – 153 million records;

  • Canva – 143 million records;

  • VK – 101 million records;

  • Dailymotion – 86 million records;

  • Dropbox – 69 million records;

  • Telegram – 41 million records; and

  • Various public bodies, including in Brazil, Germany, the Philippines, Turkey and the US.

The data is more than mere credentials, too – according to Cybernews, most of the exposed data is sensitive.

Given the extraordinary scale of the data breach, it’s been dubbed the ‘MOAB’ (mother of all breaches). In total, 3,876 domain names were included in the exposed data set.

Leon Teale is a senior penetration tester at IT Governance with more than ten years of experience performing penetration tests for clients in various industries all over the world. Leon has also won hackathon events in the UK and internationally and is accredited for multiple bug bounties.

We sat down with him to find out more about the implications of this historic data breach in this special edition of Expert Insight.

Read the full, fascinating article here

Copyright: IT Governance

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